The Hive Property Group is a Real Estate Company that offers property for rental, for sale or purchase while also offering property management services.




To innovate the property market by staying ahead of the curve.

We seek out the best possible value for our clients on each and every property we work with and work on, by providing services that exceed clients expectations.

We turn your real estate desires into reality, giving you ease of mind


The Hive builds strong relationships with its clients to better understand their needs, so we can lease out properties that make our clients as comfortable as possible. We have properties available to rent in the Gauteng area, for students, the working class and businesses. In the commercial space, we offer retail, industrial and office space property available to rent.




Being able to afford office space for a startup can be a make or break moment for it, this improves the reputation and customer acquisition capabilities of the newly founded business, allowing it to obtain business and keep its doors open. Our start-ups initiative affords small companies that are just learning to find their feet, the opportunity to be able to have office space at low cost. These offices have access to internet and a communal fully functional board room and kitchen.



For more seasoned companies, that have weathered the startup phase we offer high quality modern office space, fully customizable to our client’s specifications and needs in varying sizes. An interior design team is assigned to each client to customize the office interiors to suit each company’s style, look and feel, to appeal to their clientele base.




We offer retail space for rental in various types of spaces in shopping centres and residential space where the ground floor is available to let. We help businesses position themselves in the right place. Our complimentary services assist companies in positioning their business or shops in key locations, where they would have larger access to their customer base




The Hive Property Group provides residential properties that suit a relatively wide range of individuals, from students, the young working class, and small families. We offer apartments, townhouses, houses, cluster and housing for rental. The apartments range from bachelors, one bedrooms, two bedrooms and three bedrooms. These properties are in secure estates or as stand- alones with security.




Fully equipped houses are available for students to rent at affordable prices within close proximity of varsity institutions. These houses are fully equipped with all the essential furniture and amenities that a student will need. The student housing has a fully furnished bedroom, cleaning services on request, shuttle services to and from campus, Wi-Fi internet, a lounge with DSTV and a fully equipped kitchen.


The Hive Property Group assists clients find property in their ideal location for living and sell property they are looking to sell. When we assist clients look for property to buy where they would like to settle in, we look at the surrounding amenities that they would like to be surrounded by within close proximity. Amenities like schools, shopping centres, parks, hospitals, public transport etc. For our clients that are looking to sell their property we connect them to the right buyers ensuring their property’s value is realized, when the property is sold.


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The Hive Property Group helps clients minimize the hassle of maintaining their rental property. We provide full service customized property management services of residential and commercial property. We assist our clients in managing their accounts, finances pertaining to the property and managing tenant leases, as well as all other associated facets with the maintenance of a property. Having an in-house law team allows us to ensure all legal matters are handled accordingly, making our services above board. This also allows us to stay up to date with municipal and residential/commercial property laws, which means our client’s tenancies is not affected.


When a client enlists us to manage their property, we sign a rental agreement with the owner (client) of the building and in exchange we pay the client a fixed rental amount. This agreement gives us the right to sublet the clients property for a pre determined (higher) rent by us. The Hive’s income is the difference between the two rents. As the property managers we ensure that each property has full tenancy on a continuous basis, all tenants pay their rents in time, the building is maintained along with the upkeep of it and all other associated legal matters.

It’s important to choose an agent who will be a valuable asset to have when selling or buying property.  If you’re wondering how your agent gets paid here’s how:


Sellers Agent: The Seller and their agent agree on a commission percentage, where the agents commission is a percentage of the final selling price. The amount will vary depending on the agent, the Seller and the property.


Buyers Agent: Upon closing the sale, the Seller’s agent divides the predetermined commission with the Buyer’s agent as compensation for delivering a buyer. The split is usually half of the total commission.