Modernizing Your Kitchen On A Budget

Giving your kitchen a new sleek look doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are numerous ways you can update your kitchen so it looks that much more expensive, thus giving you extra leverage when you put your property on the market. We’ve got a few simple and easy ways you can make your kitchen modern.


Renovate your kitchen counters by giving them a facelift, this is mostly where your money will go to. Granite and marble counter tops can be quite pricey and heavy on maintenance, so why not try quartz counter tops which come in a variety of lovely colours. Not to mention very durable.  But If quartz counter tops are to steep for your budget, try laminate. It can give the same look as the other dimension stone counter tops.

Changing the face of your cabinets and cabinet doors along with the handles can change the look of your kitchen dramatically. Either apply a modern looking coat of paint, apply modern finish laminate or change the doors all together. Ensure that the cabinets match or fit well with the counter tops. Handles with a stainless steel finish will definitely give your kitchen a modern look.


The floors need to compliment the design and look of the kitchen you’ve chosen. If you’re looking for a wooden finish for the floor the cheapest option is to go for faux wood tiles. They give you the look and finish of a real wooden floor without the price tag. Other alternatives are laminate floors (cheap option), ceramic tiles, carpet or vinyl floors.


Lastly, add the pop of colour that defines your personal  style. For example if your favourite colour is green, adding a green bread bin, greenish, painting, green appliances etc.


Going over budget on a home renovation is everyone’s nightmare, especially when you don’t have extra cash lying around. Setting aside a 20% cushion just incase any nasty surprises come up can be a good idea.