Selling a home can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t have an agent or a sizable marketing budget, we make it easier by assigning an agent who will diligently seek out buyers for it. We help Sellers prepare the house and have it ready to go on the market. Our experienced property agents guide the Seller through the process, assist them through the sale and most importantly ensure the house sells.


Getting An Agent

Marketing Your Property

Pricing The Property

Having a professional such as a property agent can be an invaluable asset, it relieves stresses associated with selling a property. Its important to select the right agent who will make selling your property a priority and one who understands the administration behind selling property. We assist Sellers in casting a wide net and attract the best possible offers for the Seller. We work with Sellers in resolving any problems or issues that could affect the sale of the property.

We understand how to accurately price a property than needs to go on sale and the key associated marketing efforts that need to accompany the sale. Our vast network of buyers nationally and internationally enables us to sell property quicker and faster. We market property that is for sale using online and offline methods.

Setting the right price for your property is important, pricing it too high can result in the property taking too long to sell, whereas pricing too low means you don’t get as much of a return on your investment as your property is worth. We assist Sellers in pricing their properties at competitive market prices, as we understand the local market. Looking at similar properties, surrounding properties and surrounding amenities like shopping centres, malls, business hubs etc. helps us price the property at the right market price.


Preparing The House For Sale

When Buyers step into your home what they see within the first minute will set the impressions they have for the rest of the house, therefore its important to make sure the property is in peak condition and it exudes a good ambiance. Making sure that all major and minor problems with the property are fixed makes the sale of the property faster. We can help you get your property ready for sale with a minimal budget. There are a number of things that can be done to make your property sale ready such as; cleaning the property, clearing up clutter, keeping the garden maintained, cleaning the sidewalks and driveway, fixing cracks and damaged gutters, getting the house to smell lovely and maybe having some delicious muffins and cake for potential Buyers.


Home Inspections Before Selling

Ensuring your property has been inspected will make the sale of the property go faster and smoother, it also alerts the Seller on the problems that the property has that need to get fixed. This affects the sale price and it ensure buyers don’t pull out of the sale at the last minute. A home inspection report is a great tool to use as it gives Buyers the confidence they need when they are previewing the property.